What is “Google AdSense” and how we can start working with it?

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising system with a larger “whole world” coverage of the target audience. Using this service, owners of information sites, blogs and other resources can place ad blocks on their pages. Adsense pays commission to webmasters for clicks on ads or for displaying banners.


AdSense advertising is often used by news portals, as well as informational sites and blogs. For their owners, placing text and display ads is becoming the main source of income. Commercial resources, for obvious reasons, try to advertise less third-party offers. Any promo distracts the attention of the target audience and reduces the conversion rate of the selling page.


How to start monetization with Google Adsense?

To enable the site monetization, you need to register with the program but before that, check your website or resource meets the requirements of the AdSense advertising system. Google recommends carefully reviewing the usability and quality of content to avoid future penalties or exclusion from the program.


You will not be able to connect Google AdSense if the following types of content are used on the site:


Materials of a pornographic and/or erotic nature;

Propaganda of violence, discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion and other offensive content;

Advertising and / or promotion of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products and other prohibited substances;

Pharmaceutical and medical content, which includes the sale of dietary supplements, prescription drugs, dietary supplements and other medicines. Exceptions in this niche are sites with informational introductory content to educate visitors;

Advertising of gambling, casinos and bookmakers;

Content that promotes the distribution of counterfeit goods, software, hacking training, viral mailings, and other illegal content.

Google Adsense makes quite an extensive list of requirements for website content. You can get acquainted with the full list on the official page of the service. AdSense is also scrupulous about the usefulness and uniqueness of content. Copy-paste and uninformative texts will not work.


Ease of navigation is a parameter that is closely monitored by the system. If visitors spend a minimum of time accessing information, then such a site is highly rated in AdSense. Future partners will find up-to-date recommendations for optimizing their resources in the official service manual.


How to Register with Google Adesense:

Go the main page of Google Adsense and click on “Register” button. A window will open where you need to fill in a simple form of two fields: webmaster’s e-mail and site URL.

Agree or refuse the mailing list and click “Save and continue”. In the next window, you can link your account to another Gmail mailbox, select a country and read / agree to the terms of use of the service. Then click “Create an account”.

Fill in the billing address to receive rewards for clicks / impressions of ad units. First, choose the type of account: “Business” – for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, or “Personal” – for individuals, respectively. For a company, it is necessary to indicate the actual or legal address, and for the owners of personal accounts – a residence permit.

The next step is ad code generation. The service will automatically create a special script that must be placed on the main page between the code tags. After making changes, check the “Code added” checkbox and click “Finish”.

Verification takes an average of 36-48 hours. If the checkbox “Start showing ads after account activation” is checked, then ads will run immediately after the site is checked. By activating your account, you can add your own ad units or connect the automated creation and display of ads by the service.


How to Earn Money with Google Adsense?

Earning from showing ads are accrued to webmasters with a completed and verified payment profile, up-to-date tax information, full name and address of the recipient. Several withdrawal options are available: bank transfer etc. A public way in all countries of the world is to withdraw money to a bank account.

Earnings are accrued from the 21st to the 26th of every month. You can withdraw money from the balance only after the accumulation of the threshold amount. If there are not enough funds to withdraw, then the payments are transferred to the next billing period.


Types of ads in Google AdSense

The system offers the webmasters different type of ad formats:


  • Text and display ads – blocks are formed from several ads with text and/or graphic content. They can have standard sizes, and adapt to the page layout.
  • Native ads are placed in articles, featured content blocks, or the news feed. The main difference of this format is in the organic adjustment to the style and theme of the site.
  • Links are adaptive or building blocks with lists of topics similar to the content of the resource.
  • Special blocks – are manually configured by the site owner, taking into account the style, theme and recommended sizes. An individual format is created and configured in the “New ad unit” section, where the type and size of the ad are indicated. The service generates a code that needs to be inserted into the allocated space on the page. The show will start 10-15 minutes after posting.


Pros and Cons of working with AdSense

The benefits of Google contextual advertising service include:


  • A simple start is to connect a news, information resource with attendance from 500 people per day really in one day. If the content and usability meet the requirements, then after 24 hours you can earn advertising revenue.
  • Serious global brands use Adsense to promote their products, which means that the ROI of contextual ads is high.
  • Choice of ad block formats, manual adjustment.
  • High pay per click/impression.
  • Withdrawal of money to a bank account.

Disadvantages of Adsense Advertising system are as follows:


  • The threshold amount is $100. It is difficult for an unpromoted resource to immediately reach this bar.
  • Slow and not always responsive support. It is easier to find an answer on a thematic forum on the Internet than with the official Adsense support.
  • Peremptory blocking of accounts. It is almost impossible to restore an account suspected of illegal actions. For Google, a webmaster’s reputation should be whiter than snow on alpine peaks.


We have learned what Google AdSense is. We found out what requirements the service imposes on partner sites, how to register in the system and receive income. We also got acquainted with the types of ad units as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Adsense.

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