How to Choose a Good Watch for Diving?

Choosing a watch from any category is not always easy since you are spoiled for choice. We therefore find different brands and different ranges, each one is more interesting than the other that we no longer know which one to choose. So to choose better it is better to rely on some basic and very important criteria to choose the right watch, whether it is a watch for diving or other. Let’s discover the criteria to follow to choose a watch for diving.

When choosing any watch, whether it’s an analog, automatic, connected, diving or other watch, design is always the first criterion for choosing your watch. The first thing that attracts us to a watch is its design, then we wonder if it is of good quality. We can’t impose a specific design on you to choose, but we can at least advise you to choose a watch with a simple design that can be easily combined with different outfits, and with different outfits, it will be much more useful.

Like smartwatches, dive watches come with some basic features that are essential for the watch to work properly. When choosing your watch, make sure that the basic functions of a watch for diving are present on your watch. Also make sure that it is resistant to a fairly large depth, so you can use it at any depth without risking destroying it.

The cost of your watch depends mainly on its range. Like any other type of watch, diving watches come in different ranges. We therefore find high-end watches which are the most efficient, but which are quite expensive. There are also mid-range watches, which are less efficient, but less expensive. Finally, we have the watches of the low range which are the least efficient and the least expensive. So the price of your watch will certainly depend on the range you decide to choose. Try to take advantage of promotional periods to buy your watch, so you can have a very good watch for a price that is not very high.

How to use a watch for diving?

The dive watch is not actually in use, so just wear it around your wrist and it can work on its own and give you the necessary information about your dives, whether it is the depth, the duration of your dive and several other details that will be very useful to you during your dive. The only thing you need to do before using your watch for diving is to make some basic settings necessary for the watch to work properly. If you don’t know how to perform them, you can ask someone who does, or take it to a professional.

Calculate the time spent underwater
For divers, knowing the time spent underwater is very important. So to know the time spent underwater, you can proceed as follows. You will therefore find on the bezel of your watch a small triangle, or a small marking line, these marks represent the zero. It must therefore be placed in the same position as that of the minutes and this before performing your dive. Your mark will remain in the same place, while the minute hand will continue to move. At the end of your dive you will know exactly how long you spent underwater.

Calculation of a precise duration
The watch for diving not only calculates the time spent underwater, but it also calculates any other duration. To do this, you must therefore proceed as follows, if you want to calculate a duration of 15 minutes, for example, and the minute hand is at 15 for example, turn your crown 15 minutes until it is on 30 for example. Do the same thing for the duration you want, just have your duration between the minute hand and the crown mark. This allows you to accurately calculate how much time you have left, which makes these watches very useful.

Other use of the watch
Diving watches are therefore used for diving as their name suggests. They therefore make it possible to calculate the time spent under water, to calculate a precise duration. But it can also be used outside the water to find out how much time is left for cooking your dish, for example. To time a race for example. It can also be used as a simple watch that displays the date and time. From this we deduce that the watch for diving is very useful and can be used in different areas.

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