7 Hacks for Extreme Solo Travel

Reboot, get rid of stress and emotional burnout is best helped by a change of scenery. It is worth saying that this is the first thing that the therapist will advise you if you come to see him. Naturally, traveling is more fun with a company, but you can do it without. With proper preparation, it turns out nothing worse.

On solo trips, you can look at many places and things from a completely different angle, learn to feel and respect silence. But I don’t feel very comfortable being alone for more than three or five days. A lot depends on temperament here.

The more you travel, the less you travel.
Getting to famous places for the first time, we are full of enthusiasm and immediately run to see the sights. And when the question arises of going somewhere again, you start to think: “Why? I’ve already been there.” But if you come again and take a closer look at what is around the corner, you can find many interesting and beautiful places, the presence of which even the locals are not always aware of.

7 hacks for extreme solo travel

Life hacks for solo travelers:
Whether you are planning to solo explore a cave, climb higher into the mountains, or walk through a forest in an unfamiliar region, it’s best to be prepared for anything.

1. Bring the bare minimum you need

It’s like the question of what to take with you if there is a risk of getting on a desert island? In this case, I would take a steel, a knife, a rope. And everything else will already be real to get. If we talk about cities, then these are banal, but important things that will help in case of unforeseen circumstances, and if everything is ok, they will simply brighten up the trip.

Powerbank for a phone and probably for a laptop;
cash stowed away in a backpack (in case of loss or theft of cards and fixed assets).

2. Do not conflict with the locals and watch the weather forecast
Definitely, you should not enter into conflicts with the population and violate their customs, rules, traditions. Many places may not appreciate it.

Do not neglect the weather forecast, and if you are promised a hurricane, then there is a chance that it will be exactly that.

3. Let your loved ones know when you show up

If you do not want to stay in touch with the whole world, then at least tell loved ones the control dates and times when you should show up. And leave your family plan for the route, so that in which case you can be rescued.

4. Don’t trust cheap trinkets

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Here, of course, everything depends directly on the goals and objectives. But it is better to take with you the equipment of brands that have long established themselves in a particular industry. For example, you should not trust a Chinese headlamp if you are going to walk in a cave.

5. Don’t give up on what’s necessary

Definitely do not overdo it, because you will have to carry all the belongings with you. But it is not necessary to score on really important things.

A raincoat can almost always come in handy, which in the scorching sun can give you some much-needed shade if stretched between trees or trekking poles. Spare socks are not superfluous. It will be very important to replace them if you rub your feet.

6. Plan

Of course, improvisation is everything. But it can make any journey more expensive and more difficult. Therefore, it is better to plan everything. For example, far from all regions can be traveled all year round, there are seasons of rains, hurricanes, tornadoes or droughts.

You need to know in advance whether there will be a mobile connection. If this is a mountain trail, will there be places on it where you can renew your fresh water supplies, or will you have to take a few bottles with you.

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7. Don’t delay your trip
Any journey begins with the fact that you need to go on it. This I mean that you do not have to think and delay for a long time, it’s time to rush. As a reminder, it’s best to plan your trip whenever possible to enjoy the views, food and atmosphere, rather than urgently looking for somewhere to get water before the inside is dry.

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