How to Choose Rodania Watch for Men / Women?

Rodania Watch for Men / Women

If you want a watch that will last a long time and be reliable, you should seek for one that is constructed out of high-quality materials. These materials should safeguard not only the internal structure of the watch, but also its pristine appearance. When you wear the watch everywhere, you put it at risk of being damaged by a number of knocks and splashes, which is particularly true if you spend a lot of time outside. Then you need to check the material that was used to make the case, which should be very solid and firm. Stainless steel is the best material for cases because it is resistant to all types of physical shocks as well as water and does not degrade quickly. The same thing applies to the material that was used to make the bracelet, with the exception that you need to make sure that the material will not cause damage to your skin and that its structure should be flexible so that it can rest comfortably on your wrist.



Current watches are outfitted with a plethora of functionalities that make it possible for the user to get the most out of his or her timepiece. Find out if you can have a multifunctional mount with an alarm, a stopwatch, and a compass as you can have a watch with multiple dials that displays the time in 24 hours, the exact second, and the complete date as you can have a watch that displays the time in 24 hours, the exact second, and the complete date. This will allow you to have one that will accompany you in your daily activities. These many capabilities will assist you in getting away from the displays that you use the most often at the present, it will assist you in protecting your eyes, and it will assist you in getting over your addiction to social networks.



The level of comfort provided by a watch should always be the first consideration; after all, there’s no use in buying a timepiece that you won’t wear. Pick a watch that fits well on your wrist, paying attention to the proportions of the band in terms of its width, length, and construction. You need a bracelet that is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your wrist. Check the form of the case as well. It shouldn’t be too big, since if it is, the watch will restrict your motion and make it difficult for you to move about freely.

You need to also evaluate the weight of the watch, which, in order to sit securely on your wrist, has to be somewhat light. Because the vast majority of Rodania watches, including the bands, are crafted from stainless steel, it is imperative that you choose the appropriate model with great care. Choose timepieces that have interchangeable bands and cases if possible.


Instructions on how to use a Rodania watch

The vast majority of timepieces produced by the Rodania brand are traditional designs that are put to use by quartz movements. This movement cannot function without a source of electrical energy, which is often provided by a watch battery. Therefore, in order for your watch to function, you will need to have a battery installed in it. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always see a watchmaker about having a battery installed in your watch. Aside from that, we are going to provide you some guidance on the usage of your watch on a daily basis as well as its maintenance.


Getting the watch ready to wear

You need to make sure that your watch is operating correctly before you put it on your wrist, this is particularly important if the watch was sent to you. First, ensure that the watch is showing the right time and that it has been wound up. Next, using your smartphone, observe the movement of the minute hand for a short period of time to determine whether or not the watch is functioning properly.

Check once again to verify whether the hands on all of your watch’s dials are moving in the appropriate directions. In addition to this, you need to determine whether or not the bracelet is extremely comfortable for you, as well as whether or not the outside construction is in excellent shape and whether or not the finishes are done correctly. If you run into an issue, get in touch with the seller as soon as possible or report it to the sales site where you originally purchased it so that the brand’s engineers or repairers may get in touch with you directly.

Overview of Tissot Watches Brand

Tissot Watches Brand

Tissot is a watch brand that is made in Switzerland. The company was established in the year 1853. Tissot was one of the first people to join the Swtach group, which was founded in 1925. Tissot is a watch brand that sells automatic, mechanical, and quartz timepieces. Its headquarters are in Locle, Switzerland. Francois Thiébaud has served as the company’s manager continuously since 1996.

The business then acts as an establishment counter; to put it another way, the employees create at home the components that go into the watch, and then they bring those components to the counter so that the watch may be assembled and sold. A strong network of suppliers allowed the Tissot counter to provide not just completed watches but also replacement parts, tools, keys, and lubricants between the years 1860 and 1875.

This was made possible by Tissot. Charles-Emile Tissot, the founder of the firm, spent the early years of its existence travelling around Europe and, in particular, Russia in order to establish sales counters and foster the growth of the brand in other countries. Tissot, which served as the official timekeeper of the Tour de France between the years 1988 and 1992, has announced that it will resume that role in 2016 and will continue to do so until 2021 for all of the events that are organised by the Amaury Sport Organization.

How do you set the time on a Tissot watch?

The adjusting of the watches is a pretty simple process, particularly considering that it is done by hand. In addition, the watches are adjusted quite easily. Therefore, in the event of a watch that only has one button for making adjustments, all of the hands will be altered simultaneously. To begin, you will need to draw the knob out until you are able to spin it both ways. If you are still unable to accomplish this, you will need to pull it out even more. After that, rotate it in the desired direction until the appropriate moment arrives, being careful to position each hand in the appropriate position throughout the process. After you have finished doing this action, all that is left to do is put the button back where it was originally. When adjusting a watch that has many buttons for making adjustments, you need to begin with the one that controls the time, pull it outwards, adjust the hand, and then put the button back where it belongs.


What is the procedure for replacing the battery in a Tissot watch?

It is not very difficult to take apart a watch; in point of fact, anybody is capable of doing so. To replace the battery, we must often disassemble the watch; thus, our objective is to get to the battery and take it out. You are going to require a little screwdriver in order to complete this task. Remove the outer casing of the watch using the latter method, taking care to do it carefully. When you take it off, you’ll find a cover that guards the watch’s internal workings and keeps everything in good condition. You may also take it off with the screwdriver you have, but be careful not to damage any of the components while you do so. After you have removed the case, you will have access to the various components of the watch, including the battery, which you can now examine. Take out the old battery and replace it with a fresh one. You are now able to switch out both the cover and the outside shell.


For a Tissot watch, whatever kind of battery should I use?

While purchasing a watch, the kind of watch is taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate battery. Therefore, before continuing with the process of changing this battery, you need to know what will replace it. As a result, we have many varieties of batteries specifically suited for Tissot timepieces. Take, for instance, the lithium button batteries that we have. These batteries have a lifetime of up to ten years, making them a highly fascinating option.

They thus have a very excellent lifetime, and in addition to this, they are quite efficient. Moreover, they are ideal for watches that provide a number of functions throughout their lifetime. Despite the fact that these batteries are rather pricey, the investment is well justified given that they may last for a number of years. The next kind of button battery is the silver oxide variety. These batteries have the capability of delivering a voltage of 1.55V, which is the voltage required to power a watch. They are designed to be used on timepieces that simultaneously show the time and date. As a result, it is up to you to choose the battery that functions most effectively with your watch.


What model of Tissot watch should one select?

As was said before, Tissot is one of the most well-known and successful brands now available. As a result, this prestigious brand offers timepieces that come in a variety of price points. As a result, we come across luxury timepieces, which are quite functional, incredibly sturdy, and of really high quality. They are constructed with high-end components. These watches are flawless in every respect, with the exception of the fact that they are rather pricey. Therefore, if you have a sizable spending limit and are looking for a timepiece of high calibre, you should choose one of them. Then there are watches that fall somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum. These watches do not perform as well as the ones we have been discussing, but they are still of high quality and provide a number of benefits. In addition, they are not very expensive, which makes them a very good option to go with.

On a Yacht around the World : What Records did Travelers Set?

The record of Laura Dekker, who at the age of 13 went around the world on a yacht, was not counted. We tell you why. What unusual records did travelers set? How difficult is it to replicate their achievements?

The fitness trainer answers.
Do you believe that some people want to go on a trip not to relax, but to set a record? It will sound unbelievable, but such people really exist. And everyone who embarked on a crazy adventure was driven by something different.

Now just read the stories of these people and be inspired by their courage, willpower and slight madness, without which they would not have done anything like this.

It is difficult to walk 2760 kilometers even on foot, let alone on stilts. Not everyone will master it both physiologically and psychologically.

Sylvain Dornon, a Frenchman from the city of Landes, made his way from Paris to Moscow, moving on wooden stilts one and a half meters high. Starting on March 12, 1891 and covering 60 kilometers every day, the brave man reached his destination in less than two months. In every city, Sylvain caused a sensation – the inhabitants left their houses to look at the passing tourist.

From the outside, of course, it looked difficult. By the way, if you want to become a Silvain for a while, there are many tutorials on the Internet.

The distance between the capitals is 2760 kilometers. This is non-stop 30 hours by car or 560 hours on foot. Today, when you can fly from Moscow to Paris in two hours, this story seems crazy. Is not it?

Is such a journey possible without preparation?
Egor: I think, before the trip, Dornon prepared or did good physical labor. Perhaps he trained his balance, learned how to walk correctly and how to wrap around sticks in order to minimize unnecessary movements along the way, thereby conserving energy. At the same time, Silvain had to understand what to wear, where to stay and what to eat. However, walking on stilts is not a supernatural thing. With the desire and good preparation, this is possible.

Hans Mulikin: across America on all fours
Preacher Hans Mulikin traveled to Washington DC from Marshall, Texas. All 2600 kilometers of the route 39-year-old man crawled on all fours. In his hands he held an axle with wheels of different diameters. This compensated him for the slope of the road to the curb. In order not to hurt his legs, he wrapped them in fur and protected them with steel strips.

After spending more than two years on the journey, which began in 1978, he reached the White House fence and asked for an appointment with then-President Jimmy Carter. The security of the residence refused Mulikin. Then he addressed a speech to journalists, saying that the government wants the bowed heads of the population, silently walking on their knees.

Whether it was a way to change the attitude of the authorities towards the people or an attempt to set a record and go down in history, one can only guess.

What could be the consequences of such a record?
Egor: Crawling on all fours for two years is not very good for the musculoskeletal system: you can injure your knees and back. We must remember that we are upright people. Each part of the body has its own purpose.

Now Blessit is 80 years old, and he continues to wander and carry the cross. In total, in 54 years, the traveler crossed seven continents, visited 324 countries of the world, walked more than 70 thousand kilometers, took 86 million steps and was arrested 24 times.

In the 90s, doctors diagnosed Blessit with an aneurysm (protrusion of the artery wall) and forbade him to engage in active physical activity. The man decided that no circumstances could change his vocation. In 2008, Arthur became the first person to officially walk around every mainland country and every major island on the planet. Later, all his achievements were included in the Guinness Book of Records.

In 2009, a documentary about this amazing man was released.

Is such a difficult journey dangerous for a person of 80 years old?
Egor: You need to subject the body to loads as long as the body allows you to do this. The only question is in individual contraindications. However, in this case, the load can be chosen for yourself. In general, everyone needs physical activity. It is directly proportional to psychological health. This is how the hormonal and nervous systems, psychosomatics develop.

The editors are trying: what muscles can be pumped at the sailing regatta
Many people have traveled dozens of countries on foot, but the Briton Robert Garside was the first to run around the world.

Garside became obsessed with running in the late 80s when he came across a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records and noticed that there was a world record for walking, but not for running.

Robert began his journey on October 20, 1997 in New Delhi (India) and ended there five and a half years later, on June 13, 2003. In 2062 days, he covered 48 thousand kilometers, visited six continents, except for Antarctica, and 29 countries. At the same time, the athlete was fleeing armed attacks in Mexico and Panama, spent three days without food, was imprisoned in China and wounded in Russia.

For a long period, Garside’s record was criticized by athletes and the media. They claimed that Robert could not cope without someone’s help. However, the runner had evidence – witnesses and a 300-hour videotape, according to which the Commission of the Book of Records verified the authenticity of his statements.

By the way, Robert met his future wife while running through Venezuela in 2000. This is another great excuse to go out for a run in the evening.

What happens to a person who runs every day for five years?
Egor: It depends on what distance to run. With a reasonable one, the functional abilities of the body increase. If you do not know the correct technique, you can ruin your knees. A lot depends on weight: an obese person risks getting a lot of health problems. An important point is shoes and a place to run. If you follow all the rules, then such a run will benefit: the capillaries will thicken, endurance will increase.

Laura Dekker: sailing around the world on a yacht
In 2009, when Laura was 13 years old, she announced her intention to travel around the world on her 12-meter yacht “Guppy”. Due to age, the Dutch authorities opposed the plan. In December of that year, she violated a court order and tried to fulfill her dream. True, unsuccessfully: Laura went to the Caribbean, from where she was later returned home.

In July 2010, the court lifted her restrictions, and the dream became a reality. On January 20, 2011, 16-year-old Dekker left the island of Sint Merten on the Guppy and, having circled the Earth, returned back. Laura swam 50,000 kilometers in 519 days. So the girl became the youngest navigator who made a solo trip around the world.

Officially, the Dutch record was not set off, as representatives of the Guinness Book of Records refused to recognize Laura’s achievement, so as not to inspire other teenagers to similar feats.

Is a teenager able to cope with difficulties along the way?
Egor: I would put two concepts into age: physical abilities and life experience. Speaking about the first, young people who are in their prime can endure a great burden: both illness and depression. It is more difficult for an older person to do this. However, if you think about the second, the older the person, the more experience he has. He understands better than a teenager when and where to sail, when there is a storm, what to eat, whether it is possible to drink salt water, how to fish. Laura Dekker had enough physical and moral strength. The girl was aware of security issues. In fact, people and rafts swam alone. For example, in the 20th century, Ulli Williams, at the age of 60, traveled from Peru to Samoa on a wooden raft. On a yacht, people can do much more.

Laura is an example that, if desired, you can achieve any goals. The yachtswoman speaks modestly about her victory: “I don’t consider myself a hero at all. I am an ordinary girl who believed in a dream.” Believe and you.

How to Choose a Good Watch for Diving?

Choosing a watch from any category is not always easy since you are spoiled for choice. We therefore find different brands and different ranges, each one is more interesting than the other that we no longer know which one to choose. So to choose better it is better to rely on some basic and very important criteria to choose the right watch, whether it is a watch for diving or other. Let’s discover the criteria to follow to choose a watch for diving.

When choosing any watch, whether it’s an analog, automatic, connected, diving or other watch, design is always the first criterion for choosing your watch. The first thing that attracts us to a watch is its design, then we wonder if it is of good quality. We can’t impose a specific design on you to choose, but we can at least advise you to choose a watch with a simple design that can be easily combined with different outfits, and with different outfits, it will be much more useful.

Like smartwatches, dive watches come with some basic features that are essential for the watch to work properly. When choosing your watch, make sure that the basic functions of a watch for diving are present on your watch. Also make sure that it is resistant to a fairly large depth, so you can use it at any depth without risking destroying it.

The cost of your watch depends mainly on its range. Like any other type of watch, diving watches come in different ranges. We therefore find high-end watches which are the most efficient, but which are quite expensive. There are also mid-range watches, which are less efficient, but less expensive. Finally, we have the watches of the low range which are the least efficient and the least expensive. So the price of your watch will certainly depend on the range you decide to choose. Try to take advantage of promotional periods to buy your watch, so you can have a very good watch for a price that is not very high.

How to use a watch for diving?

The dive watch is not actually in use, so just wear it around your wrist and it can work on its own and give you the necessary information about your dives, whether it is the depth, the duration of your dive and several other details that will be very useful to you during your dive. The only thing you need to do before using your watch for diving is to make some basic settings necessary for the watch to work properly. If you don’t know how to perform them, you can ask someone who does, or take it to a professional.

Calculate the time spent underwater
For divers, knowing the time spent underwater is very important. So to know the time spent underwater, you can proceed as follows. You will therefore find on the bezel of your watch a small triangle, or a small marking line, these marks represent the zero. It must therefore be placed in the same position as that of the minutes and this before performing your dive. Your mark will remain in the same place, while the minute hand will continue to move. At the end of your dive you will know exactly how long you spent underwater.

Calculation of a precise duration
The watch for diving not only calculates the time spent underwater, but it also calculates any other duration. To do this, you must therefore proceed as follows, if you want to calculate a duration of 15 minutes, for example, and the minute hand is at 15 for example, turn your crown 15 minutes until it is on 30 for example. Do the same thing for the duration you want, just have your duration between the minute hand and the crown mark. This allows you to accurately calculate how much time you have left, which makes these watches very useful.

Other use of the watch
Diving watches are therefore used for diving as their name suggests. They therefore make it possible to calculate the time spent under water, to calculate a precise duration. But it can also be used outside the water to find out how much time is left for cooking your dish, for example. To time a race for example. It can also be used as a simple watch that displays the date and time. From this we deduce that the watch for diving is very useful and can be used in different areas.

7 Hacks for Extreme Solo Travel

Reboot, get rid of stress and emotional burnout is best helped by a change of scenery. It is worth saying that this is the first thing that the therapist will advise you if you come to see him. Naturally, traveling is more fun with a company, but you can do it without. With proper preparation, it turns out nothing worse.

On solo trips, you can look at many places and things from a completely different angle, learn to feel and respect silence. But I don’t feel very comfortable being alone for more than three or five days. A lot depends on temperament here.

The more you travel, the less you travel.
Getting to famous places for the first time, we are full of enthusiasm and immediately run to see the sights. And when the question arises of going somewhere again, you start to think: “Why? I’ve already been there.” But if you come again and take a closer look at what is around the corner, you can find many interesting and beautiful places, the presence of which even the locals are not always aware of.

7 hacks for extreme solo travel

Life hacks for solo travelers:
Whether you are planning to solo explore a cave, climb higher into the mountains, or walk through a forest in an unfamiliar region, it’s best to be prepared for anything.

1. Bring the bare minimum you need

It’s like the question of what to take with you if there is a risk of getting on a desert island? In this case, I would take a steel, a knife, a rope. And everything else will already be real to get. If we talk about cities, then these are banal, but important things that will help in case of unforeseen circumstances, and if everything is ok, they will simply brighten up the trip.

Powerbank for a phone and probably for a laptop;
cash stowed away in a backpack (in case of loss or theft of cards and fixed assets).

2. Do not conflict with the locals and watch the weather forecast
Definitely, you should not enter into conflicts with the population and violate their customs, rules, traditions. Many places may not appreciate it.

Do not neglect the weather forecast, and if you are promised a hurricane, then there is a chance that it will be exactly that.

3. Let your loved ones know when you show up

If you do not want to stay in touch with the whole world, then at least tell loved ones the control dates and times when you should show up. And leave your family plan for the route, so that in which case you can be rescued.

4. Don’t trust cheap trinkets

Preparing for mountain climbing: what a beginner needs to know before climbing?
Here, of course, everything depends directly on the goals and objectives. But it is better to take with you the equipment of brands that have long established themselves in a particular industry. For example, you should not trust a Chinese headlamp if you are going to walk in a cave.

5. Don’t give up on what’s necessary

Definitely do not overdo it, because you will have to carry all the belongings with you. But it is not necessary to score on really important things.

A raincoat can almost always come in handy, which in the scorching sun can give you some much-needed shade if stretched between trees or trekking poles. Spare socks are not superfluous. It will be very important to replace them if you rub your feet.

6. Plan

Of course, improvisation is everything. But it can make any journey more expensive and more difficult. Therefore, it is better to plan everything. For example, far from all regions can be traveled all year round, there are seasons of rains, hurricanes, tornadoes or droughts.

You need to know in advance whether there will be a mobile connection. If this is a mountain trail, will there be places on it where you can renew your fresh water supplies, or will you have to take a few bottles with you.

Around the world on a bike: you can travel around the world in a little more than a year

7. Don’t delay your trip
Any journey begins with the fact that you need to go on it. This I mean that you do not have to think and delay for a long time, it’s time to rush. As a reminder, it’s best to plan your trip whenever possible to enjoy the views, food and atmosphere, rather than urgently looking for somewhere to get water before the inside is dry.

What are AMP Pages and how to use them?

Modern Internet users value their time. According to Google statistics , if a web page loads in 3 seconds instead of 1, the number of bounces increases by about 32%, and if the indicator increases to 6 seconds, by 106%. AMP technology is used to reduce loading time. We tell you what it is and how to install a fast loading page .


What is AMP and why you need it

The abbreviation AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages – Open Source Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a modified HTML code with elements for fast content loading. So, instead of the <img> tag for images, <img-amp> is used. A similar replacement is provided for video.

Website performance is reduced due to the large number of graphic and animation elements, such as 3D visualizations, videos. Such files are often placed on the websites of travel companies, real estate agencies and the provision of design services to illustrate the offer. AMP technology solves the problem of user waiting – it loads an analogue of a full page in a split second.

AMP HTML file can be used both separately and in combination with the standard version of the page. The second way is preferable.

Technology features:

accelerated data visualization due to the AMP JS library;
using Google AMP Cache to load the page;
lack of access to some JavaScript scripts;
use CSS3 without restrictions;
ban on inline (prescribed in the code itself) styles.

Pros and cons

Implementing AMP provides a number of useful benefits. Consider the main advantages:

accelerated loading – up to 1 second on average, which is 15-85% faster than opening a regular page;
user retention (the visitor is more likely to stay on the resource);
high conversion compared to the mobile version of the site;
rating indicators are higher than those of sites with regular pages;
reducing the load on servers (including by storing data on the Google server).
Disadvantages of AMP:

in terms of functionality, AMP pages are inferior to regular ones;
navigation, sidebar, other useful blocks are not available;
fewer design options are provided;
The tracking code must be manually added to each AMP page.

Who Suits
Accelerated pages are designed for Internet surfers from smartphones and tablets. The technology allows you to view the content of the site without clicking on the link.

AMP pages are especially useful for content platforms such as news portals, blogs, and educational projects. The technology is recommended to be used by information resources that receive income from advertising. If you have an online store with a catalog, you can show product cards in AMP.

The technology makes it possible to reach the top positions in the search results. Pages with AMP-HTML markup are more likely to appear in the Google news block, which is useful for expanding your reach.

Increase website conversion by 30%
Callback, promotional landings, capture forms, multi-button, form auto-dial
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How AMP Pages Work
The principle of operation of the technology is based on the use of special tags. Google finds AMP tags and caches the data placed in them. When entering a query in the search bar, the browser loads information from the Google CDN into an iframe, after which the page is displayed in a special window. In Yandex, AMP is not available.

Fast data loading is performed thanks to the following elements:

AMP HTML is actually modified HTML5. Contains special tags for faster content loading.
AMP JS is a library that provides access to AMP tags.
Google AMP Cache is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that uses proxy servers. Provides caching for AMP pages. Content is loaded from the nearest source.
Features of interaction with website visitors:

the content is displayed without going to the site – in the search results;
page turning is available, as in a slider (“carousel”).
The article card that appears in the search results has a special icon.

How to install AMP

The problem is solved with the help of plugins. All of them are installed in approximately the same way, the main difference lies in the extensions used.


On WordPress
Installation is carried out in 2 stages:

download and run the AMP Plugin ;
check the correctness of the code – for this, use the AMP validator .
Then you can improve the page design with AMP for WP , the same tool is suitable for adding additional options in the plugin’s admin panel.

Key Features:

The logo is edited in the General tab. The default image size is 190×36 Px. Use the Custom Logo Size feature to change it.
The front page is assigned using the Front Page option.
To play static pages, use the AMP on Pages option (“on” position).
Statistics are connected through Google Analytics . Enter the page ID in the field provided for this.
Design elements are edited using the Launch Post Builder function. It allows you to manage information blocks and choose colors – background, font, and other design elements.
Custom styles are added in the Design Selector section.
To optimize pages, install the Yoast SEO add-on.
With the AMP plugin, you can set up ads. Go to the Advertisement section and specify the location of the ad units and their characteristics.

Other useful features:

recommended content;
connection of buttons of social networks, Disqus, notifications.
To allow users to navigate to the full version of the page, set up Non-AMP buttons for the logo and footer.

On Drupal
For this CMS one plugin is indispensable. You will need a triple set:

module ;
topic ;
HTML Library .
The AMP pages module works in conjunction with the Chaos Tools (content management) add-on and Token . If you want to monetize a resource, use the Google AdSense Integration to publish AdSense ads.

Choose a theme, track statistics, display content, and other settings in the AMP Configuration section. Install an AMP pixel to track views. As for sites on WP, a connection to Google Analytics is provided.

On Joomla!
AMP pages for Joomla! created using wbAMP . The plugin is paid, the cost of the full version is 44 USD. In the free version, the functionality is limited, only basic characteristics can be configured.

Specify basic information about the resource: name, owner. There are two main options for microdata:

for news — NewsArticle;
for articles — BlogPosting.
Use the Select Pages tab to specify which pages to use AMP to display.

An alternative way to implement AMP technology on Joomla! – JAmp addition . This is a paid component, the cost is 39€.

On OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop
To create accelerated pages on Opencart, download the Accelerated Mobile Pages add-on . The parameters for displaying information on sites are configured in much the same way as in other CMS.

For Magento, download the Accelerated Mobile Pages extension . It will provide a quick display of the contents of the main, product cards and categories.

To work with Prestashop, use PrestaShop AMP .

How to implement AMP manually

There are no AMP implementation plugins for self-written CMS – you need to add the code yourself. Sequencing:

Creation of AMP templates. Styles are specified using the style amp-custom tag (up to 50 kB). The sizes of images, including animated ones, are indicated inside the HTML document. Use CSS @font-face to load fonts. Choose options from the AMP JS library – custom scripts are not supported by the technology. Disable dynamic elements.
Template scaling. It is performed manually or automatically.
Analytics setup. Track statistics with amp-pixel or amp-analytics.
Checking the validity of the code. Use the AMP Test tool .
To display animated objects, modals, and some other traditionally scripted features, use iframes and components from AMP JS. They allow you to display sliders, forms, ad units, side menus.

Examples of using
The first to evaluate AMP technology were news portals – The New York Times, and others. Some publications have gone further and started using AMP pages as an alternative to the mobile version of the site.

Initially, online stores did not use AMP due to the lack of filters and a shopping cart. The pioneer was the British company ASDA Walmart, which launched more than 250,000 accelerated mobile pages. In Russia, the accelerated download technology was successfully implemented by the Citilink online store and increased conversion by 33%.

To find out how effective your company’s promotion in search engines and advertising platforms is, use Calltouch End-to-End Analytics. The service will combine the data of your marketing tools into a single convenient report. He will compile statistics on site visits, leads, deals and profits and compare them with promotion costs. You will find out which ads are profitable and which ones are losses.

End-to-end Calltouch analytics
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AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. They make it possible to significantly reduce the loading time of content and reduce the number of bounces. Features of AMP pages :

viewing content in the search results without visiting the site;
high positions in the ranking of search engines;
a large number of views (partially due to the AMP carousel);
limited functionality, simple visual effects.
AMP pages are indispensable in the process of optimizing information sites. For e-commerce, partial implementation is preferable, for example, only for product cards. AMP pages are created using extensions (for CMS) or by adding code manually (for self-written engines).

What is “Google AdSense” and how we can start working with it?

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising system with a larger “whole world” coverage of the target audience. Using this service, owners of information sites, blogs and other resources can place ad blocks on their pages. Adsense pays commission to webmasters for clicks on ads or for displaying banners.


AdSense advertising is often used by news portals, as well as informational sites and blogs. For their owners, placing text and display ads is becoming the main source of income. Commercial resources, for obvious reasons, try to advertise less third-party offers. Any promo distracts the attention of the target audience and reduces the conversion rate of the selling page.


How to start monetization with Google Adsense?

To enable the site monetization, you need to register with the program but before that, check your website or resource meets the requirements of the AdSense advertising system. Google recommends carefully reviewing the usability and quality of content to avoid future penalties or exclusion from the program.


You will not be able to connect Google AdSense if the following types of content are used on the site:


Materials of a pornographic and/or erotic nature;

Propaganda of violence, discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion and other offensive content;

Advertising and / or promotion of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products and other prohibited substances;

Pharmaceutical and medical content, which includes the sale of dietary supplements, prescription drugs, dietary supplements and other medicines. Exceptions in this niche are sites with informational introductory content to educate visitors;

Advertising of gambling, casinos and bookmakers;

Content that promotes the distribution of counterfeit goods, software, hacking training, viral mailings, and other illegal content.

Google Adsense makes quite an extensive list of requirements for website content. You can get acquainted with the full list on the official page of the service. AdSense is also scrupulous about the usefulness and uniqueness of content. Copy-paste and uninformative texts will not work.


Ease of navigation is a parameter that is closely monitored by the system. If visitors spend a minimum of time accessing information, then such a site is highly rated in AdSense. Future partners will find up-to-date recommendations for optimizing their resources in the official service manual.


How to Register with Google Adesense:

Go the main page of Google Adsense and click on “Register” button. A window will open where you need to fill in a simple form of two fields: webmaster’s e-mail and site URL.

Agree or refuse the mailing list and click “Save and continue”. In the next window, you can link your account to another Gmail mailbox, select a country and read / agree to the terms of use of the service. Then click “Create an account”.

Fill in the billing address to receive rewards for clicks / impressions of ad units. First, choose the type of account: “Business” – for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, or “Personal” – for individuals, respectively. For a company, it is necessary to indicate the actual or legal address, and for the owners of personal accounts – a residence permit.

The next step is ad code generation. The service will automatically create a special script that must be placed on the main page between the code tags. After making changes, check the “Code added” checkbox and click “Finish”.

Verification takes an average of 36-48 hours. If the checkbox “Start showing ads after account activation” is checked, then ads will run immediately after the site is checked. By activating your account, you can add your own ad units or connect the automated creation and display of ads by the service.


How to Earn Money with Google Adsense?

Earning from showing ads are accrued to webmasters with a completed and verified payment profile, up-to-date tax information, full name and address of the recipient. Several withdrawal options are available: bank transfer etc. A public way in all countries of the world is to withdraw money to a bank account.

Earnings are accrued from the 21st to the 26th of every month. You can withdraw money from the balance only after the accumulation of the threshold amount. If there are not enough funds to withdraw, then the payments are transferred to the next billing period.


Types of ads in Google AdSense

The system offers the webmasters different type of ad formats:


  • Text and display ads – blocks are formed from several ads with text and/or graphic content. They can have standard sizes, and adapt to the page layout.
  • Native ads are placed in articles, featured content blocks, or the news feed. The main difference of this format is in the organic adjustment to the style and theme of the site.
  • Links are adaptive or building blocks with lists of topics similar to the content of the resource.
  • Special blocks – are manually configured by the site owner, taking into account the style, theme and recommended sizes. An individual format is created and configured in the “New ad unit” section, where the type and size of the ad are indicated. The service generates a code that needs to be inserted into the allocated space on the page. The show will start 10-15 minutes after posting.


Pros and Cons of working with AdSense

The benefits of Google contextual advertising service include:


  • A simple start is to connect a news, information resource with attendance from 500 people per day really in one day. If the content and usability meet the requirements, then after 24 hours you can earn advertising revenue.
  • Serious global brands use Adsense to promote their products, which means that the ROI of contextual ads is high.
  • Choice of ad block formats, manual adjustment.
  • High pay per click/impression.
  • Withdrawal of money to a bank account.

Disadvantages of Adsense Advertising system are as follows:


  • The threshold amount is $100. It is difficult for an unpromoted resource to immediately reach this bar.
  • Slow and not always responsive support. It is easier to find an answer on a thematic forum on the Internet than with the official Adsense support.
  • Peremptory blocking of accounts. It is almost impossible to restore an account suspected of illegal actions. For Google, a webmaster’s reputation should be whiter than snow on alpine peaks.


We have learned what Google AdSense is. We found out what requirements the service imposes on partner sites, how to register in the system and receive income. We also got acquainted with the types of ad units as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Adsense.