Of course not, but there is a lot of snobbery towards those who choose to use binary fixed odds, or for commercial purposes.

In a conversation with traders and analysts met, I mentioned that Elm Trader is offering flat products, was the answer, if it is game!

I now wish I had taken and asked why, but in hindsight, it would not matter, because he came from a middle spread bet/future and probably think the probability of using the same as in Paris was the 2.30 at Ascot.

From our point of view and IOHO each product is risking money on the financial markets, which is not a plan, how to get on the market and used again and again the game and everything he does is commercial in nature.

The vast majority of people actually bet on the markets because they have a strategy and stick to it. Those who remain or business with a clear strategy for a while or do anything and stop and go to the next best thing.

The fact is that Paris fixed odds and binary Paris much safer trade beginners and even those who have more experience are often preferred.

So, what are the chances of a fixed / Paris binary that?

Financial fixed odds/binary is a relatively new way to engage the global financial markets and has some advantages over other well-known products.

Place it in its simplest form, fixed odds / binary Paris offers the opportunity for anyone professions/parison fluctuations in the financial markets.

You will pay a “fixed odds / binary Paris” because they have a fixed amount (or not) after, depending on whether or not traded / successful bet.

“Easy to use, very effective and you can not lose more than the amount agreed”

When you buy a fixed odds bet/binary, you will make a payment authorization to a fixed multiple of the amount you bet is. If the application is successful, you will receive a settlement amount. Before placing a bet, you know all the possible negative side effects and the possibility of gains exactly.

So do not worry about the placement of stop-loss, or lose more than what I expected. In addition to this feature with many other trades fixed odds, Paris / is that for the duration of the transaction/bet, hold a value, and this will give you the opportunity to resell the trade should not work as you thought.

“More flexibility than you earn in up, down and sideways markets even”

In fixed odds trading differs from “traditional” trade to allow greater flexibility.

Decide conventional types of trading on the direction of the market by buying or selling market and you can now enjoy if the price goes up or down from the point of entry. Fixed odds, but you can in other ways, such as the prediction that the market price rises above a certain price or closing are shown below certain price advantages.

There are also sports in Paris, where you can trade or bet on the price. Not reach a certain level for a certain time, or get out of a trading range within a specified time You can enjoy up, down and sideways markets even.

“Tax-Free” benefits

Another advantage of fixed odds Paris UK is that the benefits are currently exempt.