IBAS paris is the independent arbitration service. The service provides practical credible and trustworthy as arbiter of disputes arising often different between online gaming operators and their customers to act. In other words, is the IBAS and support team can come third, is the private interest and implement an action plan for each of the parties involved.

In the wild world of online games today with thousands of sites and millions of customers, IBAS services “are greatly appreciated. You can save time and money, and they always seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion when presented with proper evidence.

The game, in its essence, with the money emotions. Sometimes, people are gone, does and when multiplied by millions, the odds increase dramatically due to a conflict in the world of online gambling. Every minute of every day, a player has. A discussion with a website gambling

In the UK, the gambling industry grossed more than $ 50 billion in revenue. It is not uncommon for actors and OR operators Cry Wolf in an attempt to fool some of the assets. This is where the steps of the BAS and manage the problem.

IBAS is a nonprofit organization law, which was founded in 1998 and became fully operational in 2007. IBAS has happened before, there were players who feel unfairly treated very few options. For this reason, IBAS has been through legislation passed by the Gambling Commission in the UK.

If a problem arises between an operator and a customer, which must be resolved before there is a “dispute” is. Once both parties are not able to manage this conflict, is placed in the hands of IBAS, a thorough investigation is conducted.

However, not all problems IBAS box. There are certain conditions that are the problem as a legitimate conflict should contain. For starters, the controversy has not been fully investigated by the relevant gaming platform, but there is no satisfactory conclusion has not been met. Second, both parties – the operator and the customer – must fully accept the terms IBAS “conditions and then start the investigation ..

IBAS process that is capable of resolving conflicts fairly quickly. No bureaucratic nonsense that works IBAS, is independent and there is no charge of any kind that may discourage open to a candidate for a fight. All parties have submitted a complaint form is solely responsible for the content of the form. If fraudulent charges are made, the dispute shall be immediately discarded.

IBAS no guarantee. That jury, which is the part with the best, not writing the party needed to “win” the dispute Although writing skills are important, the facts of the case are ultimately telling the story and decide the outcome.

IBAS conflict between the objective and the rest is for 2 or $ 200,000, the operator and customers are treated equally well researched. IBAS is confidential, not every person who makes a claim dispute on their website do not worry about data leakage.