The Gambling Commission has reported to trade his hard line against operators who are trying to increase the number of slot machines in their facilities, or their local or a license application for which they do not intend to operate. The main activity of the license

In a letter to a number of business organizations, the Commission notes that since the publication of a supplement to the license conditions and codes of practice in May last year, did what he sees targeted as a number of requests for facilities licenses where operators have exceeded projected in the extra code.

In particular, the Commission’s letter reads as follows:

… To divide [A] proposal, which was a local in Paris in two places and proposing to amend the license for the premises in a building with two adult gaming centers in Paris and local games, a center for adults.

The additional code to clearly show what factors should be obvious that the operators offer a licensed gambling activity among the main local and the Commission has shown that, along with LACORS and local authorities for comment.

In eighteen cases have representations that were withdrawn each application. This problem is not clearly resolved. If you want to share your drinking water, you should contact a licensed attorney and gambling. The Gambling Commission or local licensing authority (Council) may also be able to help.